'Aplec', a Catalan term meaning "an outdoor gathering for a party or celebration", introduces a unique kind of collective festivity. At these gatherings, artists are invited to perform as Prompt Jockeys (PJs) using a text-to-music tool riffusion.com, initially designed to generate images and hacked to generate audi spectrums that can be then converted into sound.  The project is inspired by DJ culture, particularly the tradition of DJ party line-ups.

The invited artists to act as PJs are encouraged to pick extravagant names, providing commentary on the exaggerated grandeur common in DJ culture. The PJs participate in turns, each contributing their unique prompts to the constantly evolving and increasingly complex poetry of sonic prompts.

PJs are pushed to explore the boundaries of the text-to-music tool. They're urged to devise inventive methods to manipulate words and generate novel sounds, with the prompts used being projected for the audience to witness the machine's inferences.

Artists invited:

PJ Pijama : Daniel Moreno
PJ Divavirtual: Claudia del Barrio
PJ Harvi: Marion Balac
PJ Teclas: Pau Magrané
PJ Random: Elsa de Alfonso
PJ Bolquers: Carlos Carbonell



Aplec Prompt Sala Taro, Barcelona, April 2023