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Carlos Carbonell, the playful man behind the Internet2 pop project, lives in Barcelona. Internet2 mixes classical music with electronica, moving from drama to comedy, from the world of adults to that of children, all with great humor. Carlos cites Anne Laplantine as an influence on his work, as well as the lyrics of Kraftwerk songs and secondary characters from Snoopy. His music could be likened to a childlike version of Max Tundra. The young man also hosts very colourful "midi armour" workshops where children and adults are brought in to create music and songs. On stage, Carlos wears beautiful multicolored capes, dances and subverts the clichés of popular music.

Internet2. With few songs composed, started a band of amateur woodwind players which included clarinet, oboe  and also some horns and accordion.
After a few gigs, Internet2  became  a music man just Carlos Carbonell on the road. The current Internet2 live set is based on the concept of technology understood as a hidden magic which involves audience participating actively on the set. In Internet2’s shows you can  get mystical,  invisible  and fight gods and monsters.
The Internet2’s tools include a 4-meters-long piano made of cardboard and aluminum foil, moving clarinet pieces, dance steps and a musical gymkhana where the audience participates by acting as characters in these mystical stories. 

Internet 2 has toured in a quite varied places like Sonar festival, the Pompidou Center in Paris, New Musical Express parties  in Ireland or  Musiques Volantes festival Metz. Currently Internet2 is preparing a musical called “Música, the musical!” and an exhibition at Joan Miro Foundation in Barcelona about the same subject.
Besides music, Internet2 has produced children's workshops for 2009 Sonar kids festival, Minimus ica tour or Centrematic Festival 09. In these workshops the children learn to create and respect a whole sound space using midi tools and children self sounds they create on the fly. 

"We end today with music that excites me, music that I fully support at all levels. With Spanish music! Internet2 is the musical project of Carlos Carbonell, who works with his partner Jordi Ferreiro in art and design group Comte d'Urgell . Internet2 When I wrote about Internet2 in my blog , I noted on the originality of its music and its presentation (MIDI underwear! Fake Documentary! folkloric dance!), and described how I felt her musical spirit was close to mine. 

"Internet2 is another sign that Spain is producing some of the most interesting and fresh culture of Europe right now," I wrote. " 

Nick Curry (aka Momus)