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Karaoke Xtreme

A karaoke party with a computer that automatically takes voice samples and pictures of target matched notes. The music originally playing a midi synth gets replaced progressively by the singer's voice sampler and the background karaoke video becomes an animation of matched closeup pictures of the singer while recorded making the experience a bit Xtreme.

Sometimes people participating in the karaoke leave the microphone after the first minute, creating an autonomous remix made with the singer's new generated sampler. A unique experience of some abandoned interaction that can exist as a living art piece, sometimes beautiful, sometimes horrible but always respected as the social codes that karaoke brings into play.

This was a project that served me as a transition from Internet2 solo shows to a more crucial interactive stage device, allowing me to share authorship in a social event with easy participation with simple rules to play and understand.

Source code available at github.com/carlitoselmago/karaokeSampler


Fireplace Barcelona, February 2015
Entrega de premis Artnou La Capella, Barcelona, September 2017
BAM Cultura Viva Fabra i Coats, Barcelona, September 2017
dosmil2000 Barcelona, February 2018
Fiesta Seasons Sala Apollo, Barcelona, June 2019
Maker Faire Nau Bostik, Barcelona, May 2019
Cabaret Internet Sala VOL, Barcelona, December 2021
Fundació Joan Brossa Centre de les Arts Lliures, Barcelona, June 2022